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  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Attest
  • Taxes
Additionally – in keeping with our value-added statement of “Big Capabilities Delivered by a Small Firm” – we also provide a range of Business and Consulting services not typically found in a small, local accounting firm. 

How can we do that?  Well, taken altogether, Achille Benko & Duvall and its predecessor firms and people have been serving small business clients’ accounting and related needs for more than 40 years.  So we truly and deeply understand the needs and expectations of businesses like yours.

Accounting ranges from simple bookkeeping up through keeping full sets of ledgers.  It also includes preparation of financial statements; simply assembled for a tax return, or Compiled or Reviewed as needed for your management and/or lenders.  We can work with your accounting software – especially QuickBooks – or we can keep your ledger on our own Thomsen-Reuters© provided systems; secure behind two firewalls; with results accessible to our clients via an online Portal at our website and protected by commercial grade security.

Payroll services range from complete outsourcing of the process to us or simply helping you with the standard monthly, quarterly and/or annual tax returns and reports required for your business. If we prepare your payroll for you, our people will interact with you as often as necessary to obtain up-to-date information concerning pay rates, hours worked, vacation taken and the myriad other details necessary to run an accurate, secure payroll process that ensures that your employees are paid and your recordkeeping is proper.

Attest services are the more specialized services associated with the CPA profession, including financial statement Reviews, Projections, Forecasts and specialized procedures for unusual situations such as frauds, lawsuits or buying or selling a business.  We are an American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)-compliant, Peer-Reviewed, Certified Public Accounting firm.  We offer all of the standard Attest services defined by the AICPA except that – as a matter of firm policy – we choose not perform Audits.

Taxes includes the full range of preparation, advisory and representation services that you would expect of any CPA firm.  We prepare the annual Income Tax returns for a wide variety of S-Corporations, Partnerships (including LLCs), Estates, Trusts, sole Proprietorships and Individuals.  We also consult with our clients concerning the most favorable tax treatment that can be obtained by the proper structuring of planned transactions ranging from equipment acquisitions to employee benefits to sale of a business and retirement planning.  All that we ask is that our client consult with us before they actually execute the transaction.  It’s difficult to get the best outcome once the transaction is already completed.  In particular, the sale of a business requires serious consideration of the tax effects of the structure of the transaction.

Through our ABD-AziCon Group affiliate, we also provide a full range of “as-needed” business and consulting services.  Here’s a link:

Our basic business services include the creation, set-up and maintenance of business entities such as Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts, etc.  We can write and maintain Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, By-Laws, Motions, Minutes and related documents as needed to maintain the integrity of your entity.

However, our highest value is demonstrated when your business encounters those occasional truly challenging business problems – where having help from someone that has “been there, done that” can make a real difference in the outcome – ABD-AziCon Group has the real-world experience to help you through all sorts of issues.  Examples include:

  • product and service costing/pricing
  • inventory and operations process flow simplification
  • temporary/part-time CFO/COO help
  • purchase or sale of a business, a location or a product line
  • performance measurement of your people, business or operations
  • implementation of effective IT solutions, including new business software and effective web presence

All of these challenges are areas where ABD-AziCon Group has first-hand solution experience; both as consultants and, more importantly, as real-world business executives that have had to solve these problems for our own companies.