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Achille Benko & Duvall is the professional services vehicle of Tom Duvall and Matt Benko, deeply experienced business consultants, business managers and CPAs.  Matt and Tom met at Price Waterhouse years ago.  In 2010 they put together Achille Benko & Duvall; a professional services firm that delivers the best of their shared large firm and big business experiences into the small business world where they each started their business careers.

Achille Benko & Duvall
is anchored in the combined clientele of three predecessor local CPA firms that all have their roots in the north/northwest side of Chicago going back multiple decades.  R.J. Achille & Co.; Mary Fahey, CPA; and Deborah Murphy & Associates, Ltd. each brought a similar business and individual clientele to the new firm.  Together they present a foundational set of client needs typical to most small businesses.  Today those clients are served by the unique blend of capability and personal service that is very hard to find in a single CPA firm of any size, but is the stock-in-trade of Achille Benko & Duvall.

In addition to the usual range of accounting, payroll, financial reporting and tax services that is expected of any local CPA firm, Achille Benko & Duvall has a unique set of business consulting capabilities in the areas of product costing, process improvement, systems implementation and merger & acquisition services that are not typically found in a local firm.  These services are the result of Tom Duvall’s and Matt Benko’s personal experiences as professional business consultants and senior corporate executives prior to forming Achille Benko & Duvall.  The result is significant added-value for our clients that goes well beyond what one would typically expect to find in a boutique accounting and consulting firm